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Efes - Artemis Temple - Mosque

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The most common material used for the weaving of Turkish textiles is lamb's wool.Goat-hair warps are also common among the Yoruks living in Southern Anatolia and some villages in Eastern Anatolia.Although very rarely,some camel hair is also used by Yoruks still living as semi-nomads.

Cotton is also used in the wefts and warps of carpets in some regions.Except for rugs woven by the Yoruks,Turkomans and settled villagers for their own use,pure natural silk is also used occasionally for rugs woven for the market.Such rugs are used in palaces of the Ottoman era.The Turks,who have greatly contributed to the development of rug weaving have always breed stock.Some semi-nomads maintain a stock-breeding culture onthe highlands of Anatolia where they can easily obtain sufficient wool from their animals for weaving.This way of life required the migration of the whole community in order to find grazing land.It is not an industrialised economy and not commercially organised.

Since these people live assemi-nomads,moving from one place to another,they are compelled to carry whatever they need with them.This is why Yoruks textile needs difference from those of the members of a settled community.The Yoruks need more durable fabrics.Cotton,not as durable as wool, is useful on the floor of a house,but for the Yoruk,wool is essential.In urban cultures,the function of textiles is not primarily attributed to their durability but to their decorative characteristics.Silk fulfills the need for a finer and more luxurious material

.Lamb's wool is prepared for weaving as follows:

The raw wool obtained by shearing in Spring is spun into yarn with a spindle,known as a ' Kirman ' , or ' Teşi ' , ' İğ ' , ' Ağırşak ' and ' Öreke '  in different regions.The spindle has preserved its basic shape throughout the centuries.It consists of a round piece of wood mounted on a round  pole or two pieces of wood in the shape of a cross,one arm passing the centre of the other.Sometimes, instead of a spindle, a spinning wheel is used.Spinning yarn is a way of passing time for village women.Sometimes the raw wool is thoroughly teased out with an iron comb.If one twist of yarn is not thick or strong enough, then it is twisted into double or thicker ply.

Turkish Rugs and Kilims The Art of Weaving
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