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Waking Up In Sirince...

ephesus sirince izmir tourSlipping out of the historical atmosphere of Selcuk and going to the village of Sirince located eight km away over a hill covered with the olive trees means :  to open the doors of a very different world.The Sirince village comes from an old Greek settlement which was evacuated during the Exchange in 1923-24 and the refugees coming from the region of Kavala of Macedonia were settled here.
The old name of Kırkınca was transformed to Kirkinca and then Çirkince and finally the village was called Sirince (Şirince in Turkish) in 1930s.
Sirince is impressive with the houses displaying the classical qualities of the Anatolian architecture,which atttracts a huge number of visitors today with its authentic and partially ' modern village ' life...
The abundance brought by the agricultural products such as grapes and olives, joins with the taste of local wine and fruit-wines and olive oil; it exhibits a typical ' touristic village' appearance with the laces,souvenirs,local handicrafts,hotels and guest-houses keeping their authentic characteristics...
The Church of Saint John The Babtist is also in the Sirince village and it has two large and six small domes.The church was repaired during the 19th century.It has nice frescoes and the building is quite well preserved.
Sirince is an ideal site for those who wish to breathe the atmosphere of a typical  ' Turkish Village ' and to wake up in the pure mountain air...
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