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Search The Roman Heritage R5   '' Visit St. John's Basilica, where he was burried ! ''

Efes - Artemis Temple - Mosque

Terraced Roman Houses

St Johns Basilica

Mary's House

Search The Roman Heritage R5Search The Roman Heritage R5

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'The Basilica of St. John was built by Justinian, - who was the Byzantine Emperor between 527-565 A.D. - in the sixth century A.D.  A chapel had been built by St. John's followers not long after his death on the hill where his tomb was located.This chapel was probably enlarged during the reign of Constantine by the addition of a transept.So great were the number of pilgrims to the chapel in the sixth century that the Emperor Justinian and his wife Theodora decided to have, instead of the chapel which had much art value,one which would be worthy of St. John.A belief that dust from his tomb had healing powers attracted many people from all over the Christian world for hundreds of years...'  Great Ephesus tour visiting Mary's House ,where she spent her last few years ; Ephesus Terraced Roman Houses, the 2000-years-old, well-restored homes ; Ephesus Artemis Temple, One of the Seven Wonders of the World, which was better than the other six best wonders... - By Official Guide Ergin Ince -

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After your Ephesus tour, we will stop at the Carpet Cooperative House , where the girls from villages learn how to make rugs.There you will be explained and educated about this old and dieing Art of Weaving.During the last century, rugs and kilims became a subject of research due to their rarity and speciality.With the spread of knowledge ,there is an increasing demand for high quality rugs.Turkish rugs and kilims reflect the historic and hereditary expertise passed through the generations; therefore owning a tribal weave is, as taking a page out of spectacular and overwhelming Anatolian nomadic life.Please note that, this is not a hard-sale tour and we go there to learn about that art of patience,having said that the prices are not for tourists but for locals and start from as low as $50 -

The Selcuk area where Ephesus is, also famous with it's Leather products which are exported to all over the world.From leather belts,handbags to jackets and coats , world's best known designers like Gucci, Versace and many others have their leather goods designed and made in Selcuk.If you want to see a fashion-show, and shop for quality leather coats at very low unbeatable prices, please, tell your guide that you want to stop there to have a look.It does not take a long time and the stores are only minutes away from your harbour.
Your guide will be happy to give you a complimentary book about Ephesus also. - Every couple receives one Ephesus book only -

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Turkish Rugs and Kilims The Art of Weaving
Naturel Leather Proudly Sponsors Ephesus Tours Best !
Ephesus Jewellery Since Demetrius The Silversmith of Ephesus