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Efes - Artemis Temple - Mosque

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About Turkey

Welcome To TURKEY ! : )

A Magnificent Land Full of Turkish Delights...

Golden beaches, ancient history - like Ephesus - and mouth-watering cuisine all await you,Pick a modern resort brimming with top class entertainment, or perhaps a tranquil bay.Alternatively take to the seas and see Turkey on a relaxing cruise.

Endless Attractions...

Ancient sights of epic proportions  await you on the Aegean Coast.Visit beautiful Pamukkale, a petrified limestone waterfall or some of the world's best preserved ruins at Ephesus, where you will feel that it is a must to have an Ephesus Tour there...From Altinkum make the trip to to the Temple of Apollo,where you will be awe-struck by the sheer size of the still upright columns not to mention to ingenuity of the ancient civilisations.

...and Time to Unwind

Wherever you stay, you will be presented by tempting sandy beaches,perhaps the most famous of which being Ölü Deniz.The white sand beach and beautiful blue lagoon have been designated a National Park.Once you have had your fill of sun and sand,relax with a visit to Dalyan's famous mud-baths and sulphur springs or if you are brave try a Turkish bath for the ultimate local experience.To top it all Turkey offers some excellent shopping opportunities - it is a wonder how you 'll fit all in- .

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